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Jan 1990 Founded as a Private Company JaeKyung Industry
Feb 1994 Established Jae Kyung E.L.I. Co., Ltd.
May 1995 Moved the head office and plant to the current business location.
Nov 1997 Awarded trade promotion prize from Ministry of Trade & Industry.
Feb 1999 Received Authentication of Merit by Governor of Kyonggi Province
May 1999 Completed electric furnace and bulb making equipment.
Nov 1999 Registered Patent (# 168357) for bPAR38 bulb.
Apr 2001 Contract a Technical Assistant Agreement for Automatic Glass Blowing with Vermont, France
Jun 2001 Filed a Patent for bulb making process.
Nov 2001 Awarded Presidential prize from National Government for export contribution.
Dec 2001 Completed #2 lamp plant of 35,000 sqm in Yongin City
Jan 2002 Built New Electric Furnace of 12 ton capacity
Oct 2003 Established PJK LIghting Co. in China Yangtai
Nov 2005 Presidential Award
Jan 2006 6 tons/day Glass furnace in PJK
May 2006 ISO 14000 Certified
Apr 2007 Start Business with PLC Europe


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