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JK Lighting
Innovation and Leading in the Lighting Industry
   Since it's founding in 1990, JK Lighting Co., Ltd, has become a leading manufacturer and global supplier of superior quality, value priced, incandescent lamps. The major products sold throughout the world are "One Piece Blown PAR Lamps" and " Infra-Red Heat Lamps". The unique characteristics of one piece blown PAR38 is it's effective and efficient one piece construction using strong, light weight, hard glass.
In serving the world markets through our modern production facilities, we continuously invest over five (5%) percent of our annual sales in new technology, new product development, quality and productivity programs. New products include "Halogen Lamps" providing tremendous energy-efficient benefits.

JK Lighting product lines adapted and certified for use in global markets include reflector incandescent, IR heat and halogen lamps. In partnership with the lighting industry, JK Lighting, develops lighting solutions for serving  worldwide customers.

  Brighten the 21st century with JK Lighting.

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