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Poultry / Swine Farm

Save Energy & Increase Productivity

Without all exception, the required degree of heat should be provided to all chicks & piglets to decrease the mortality rate.

  • Poultry 32C~34C / 91F~93F (1st Week)
    29C~32C / 85F~89F (2nd Week)
  • Swine 29C+ / 85F+ (Suckling Pig)
    25C~29C / 77F~85F (Wean Pig, 15lbs)
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Relax & Cure Your Body

Activates cellular tissue and helps to improve immunity
Prevents adult diseases
Promotes blood circulation

  • Self-managable
  • Heal yourself at home
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Using an infrared heat lamp is the most effective & efficient way to keep the food warm & fresh

  • Keep the food warm without drying it out
  • Keep the food looking more delicious
  • Keep the taste and condition of food
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Keep your body warm before & after a shower

Help your children feel warm and comfortable while taking a shower.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-efficient
  • Instant heating
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Security Light

Brighten your home area in outdoor

LED, better than incandescnets in size

  • Easy to install
  • Energy-saving
  • Long-lasting
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We are producing & developing
a variety of other products

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