As the global company,
JK Lighting Korea contributes to improving the quality of human life.

CEO's Greeting

"Welcome to JK Lighting Korea!"

"JK Lighting will strive to be a leading manufacturer which provides "Comfort" and "Happy Life" to human being with the top quality of products!"

I would like to welcome all of you who are visiting our JK Lighting Korea website.

JK Lighting Korea has been established since 1990 and has manufactured infrared heat lamps as the ONE & ONLY "Made in Korea" product, for over 30 years. With the brand name of "Heat Plus", we aim to give light and warm to the humans and all creatures at the same time.

We had developed the manufacturing high techonology with the global leading companies in the beginning. Based on that, we are producing and selling the top quality of infrared heat lamps. And by keep researching and developing autonomously, JK's Infrared Heat Lamp is certified as a World Class Product of Korea.

In 1995, JK Lighting developed the electric furnace for hard glass production at first time in Korea, and also developed the ruby stained red hard glass which is the core of the infrared heat bulbs. Through the vertical integration, we are manufacturing from the glass component to the finished assembly product in-house. In addition, through the R&D Center, we have developed and diversified the products in each various kinds of application. For example, we developed brooder lamps and temperature controller for swine and poultry; heat lamp stand and irradiator for medical purpose; and instant heater for bathroom heating.

We have been exporting top quality product to more than 55 distributors and 30 countries worldwide with over 30 years of experiences and professionals who are equipped with tremendous know-how in this heat bulb industry.

We will make every effort to become the company of choice for clients as well as the employer of choice for oustanding professionals.
JK Lighting will realize the firm's goal of "People Love", "Happy and Comfort the life" through our Mission.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you who visit our website, and hope it conveys what JK Lighting Korea represents.

CEO of JK Lighting Korea, Hank Kim