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Poultry/Swine Farm


Heating Perspective

Since chicks & piglets cannot regulate their body temperatures themselves after they born, without all exception,
they must be provided environmental temperatures as below chart.

Poultry Farm
Age Cage Brooding Floor Brooding
Day 1~3 33-34C 91-93F 35C 95F
Day 4~7 32-34C 90-93F 33C 92F
Day 8~14 29-31C 85-89F 31C 89F
Day 15~21 26-29C 80-84F 29C 84F
Day 22~28 24-26C 75-79F 26C 79F
Day 29~35 21-23C 70-74F 23C 74F
Day 36+ 21C+ 70F+ 21C+ 70F+
Swine Farm
Stage of pig growth Required Temperature
Pre-wean (suckling pig) 30-35C 86-95F
Wean pig, 15 lbs. (2~7 kg) 28-30C 82-86F
Nursery pig, 45 lbs. (7~20 kg) 25-28C 77-82F
Grower, 55 lbs. (20~25 kg) 23-25C 73-77F
Grower, 100 lbs. (25~55 kg) 21C 70F
Finishing, 200 lbs. (55~110 kg) 18C 65F
Gestating sow, 350 lbs. 18C 65F
Lactating sow, 350 lbs. 18C 65F
Boar 18C 65F

Lighting Perspective

Red light helps for the growth of chicks & piglets in that

  • It increases food intake and weight
  • It reduces pecking
  • It activates movement
  • It stimulates sexual maturity
  • It imporves egg production

Effects & Advantages

Gas Heater

Ventilation is required too regularly

Burns oxygens to heat the farm area

Emits harmful substances


Emits CO

Cause headache and sickness

Not economical

Need to heat entire space area

Infrared Heat Lamp

Less ventilation is required

Heat the farm without making it dry

Does not emit any harmful substances


No CO emission

Most Economical

No need to heat the entire room

Directly heat the chicks more intensively

Heat Mat

Artificial way to heat animals

Discourage natural behavior

Product may easily get damaged


Easily gets dirty

Need to clean often (regularly)

Infrared Heat Lamp

Products that realize the functions most similar to the sun

In nature, heat comes from above

Supply the heat & light at the same time

Prevent the product from the animals' physical touch

  • Instantly heat the piglets
  • Enhance Hog's growth and food intake
  • Decrease the mortality rate
  • Make healthier
  • Increase productivity

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